Monday, October 29, 2012

Dear Dr. Snowpanic: Rain Panic Edition

A reader writes,
Can we have Rain Panic too?
(and then some other stuff).

Sorry it has taken two days to answer this e-mail. The Snowpanic household had been overtaken by stomach bug panic. Dr. Snowpanic's Seinfeldian streak ended at a respectable two years, three months and seventeen days.

This is a two-part answer. The first is, yes, for $10/year, the domain is available. Feel free to have at it.

The second is, sure! Pack up your car for the great state of West Virginia and wait for their steely Mountaineer determination to crumble as Sandy dumps foot after foot of snow on them.

Dr. and Mrs. Snowpanic, however, will restrict themselves to the Twinpanic side of the family business as we try to figure out how to entertain two two-year-olds during the inevitable power outage.