Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dr. Snowpanic Greets the Morning

So far we've seen less "snow panic" and more "snow lull us into a false sense of security." Dr. Snowpanic greeted the dawn with a sense that the snowfall so far had been underwhelming. Looking at the forecasts, I see that the real impact is supposed to be in the coming hours, but so far, all we have is a dusting, and a bit of slush on the deck.

As you can see below, the mean streets of Bowie are pretty much clear. Note the Snowpanicmobile (four-wheel drive, of course) parked at a jaunty angle in the driveway so that the streets can be cleared -- in compliance with City of Bowie snow regulations regarding an event producing two or more inches of snow.
More updates to come later in the day, although once the Snowflakes (no two exactly alike!) wake up, coverage may be unpredictable.

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