Saturday, December 19, 2009

I got.. Sss... ssst.... Oil heat.

Snowpocalyptic problems continue to frustrate early risers around the nation's capital. Homeowners in older areas of P.G. County may wake to find themselves not only snowed in, but lacking a working heat source as well. The colder weather over the last few weeks has depleted oil reserves for in-home tanks, and may yet cause electrical outages as ice forms on power lines.

Emergency drops of 10 gallons, which will postpone if not alleviate the shortage, will likely not begin before streets are plowed much later today or tomorrow.

Said one wife: "It's my husband's job to check the oil, and he did that before his trip to Tokyo 2 weeks ago, but not since. In retrospect, that was a mistake. At that point we had at least half a tank, but now we're down to nearly zero. Thank heavens for our space heaters and fireplace!" said Christina Grantham, of University Park.

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