Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fan Mail

A reader writes:
Your website is very, very funny! I live in northeastern Ohio, and we probably have a couple of feet of snow on the ground now, and I swear, people are in such a panic. Like it never snows in northeastern Ohio in February! So I've been enjoying you website a great deal as I taunt my Facebook friends, who are all in a tizzy over snow. Snow! Have a great day and stay warm!

Thanks! This is a good opportunity to remind people that they can become our fan on Facebook.

1 comment:

  1. Dear NEOhioian:

    I'm a native West Sider. I was out helping the Red Cross in the Great Blizzard of 78, when the Turnpike was closed border to border, and 100+ people were led in a human chain from cars along Brookpark Road to NASA.

    We had more snow in the Snowpocalypse than I ever saw that week.

    So be nice to poor Dr. SnowPanic, or I'll send Ghoulardi your address....