Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dear Dr. Snowpanic, Snoverkill Edition

Dear Dr. SnowPanic:

My evergreens seem to have disappeared. Can you help me look for them?

VTY: Friend of Bill

Dear FOB:

Thank you for being the first Dr. Snowpanic questioner to submit a multimedia question. Welcome to the 21st century! (Or possibly the 16th.)

What you are seeing is a phenomenon know as the "tree line".  This imaginary line represents the boundary beyond which trees can no longer survive.  Fear not for the trees, however, as years of adaptation have enabled them to recognize this shift.  They have no doubt migrated south for the time being.  Should warm temperatures return in the next few weeks, expect them to make a re-appearance.  If not, well, the phrase Nullarbor Plain is already taken - start thinking of a new one that Maryland can use!

Good Luck!

-Dr. Snowpanic

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