Friday, February 5, 2010

First Ask Dr. Snowpanic of the 2010 Snowmaggedon

Dear Dr. Snowpanic:

My friend BC is out of town [in some miserable place called Califunny] and is going to miss all the fun.

Can you suggest any words of solace to make him feel better?

(Of course, when he gets back and finds out his [so-called] friends drank all his beer; he'll really be in the cups...)

Doing Without

Dear DW,

OK, Dr. Snowpanic is back from braving the crowds at his local Giant. He is also back from taking a nap to recover from braving the crowds at his local Giant, and is thus ready to dispense advice.

BC should not fear that he is missing all of the panicking. If there's one thing that will rival the scene at Giant just now, it's going to be the scene at the United counter at the airport Sunday, as displaced Marylanders mob the customer service agent with demands to be sent Just as science cannot explain the sudden spike in demand in milk and toilet paper that just transpired, neither can it explain air passengers' inability to chill and enjoy a few more days in the sun. BC should feel free to jump in the fracas to make up for what he's missing now. Bonus points if after clawing his way back for an important meeting on Monday, work ends up being closed.

Good luck!

-Dr. Snowpanic

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