Monday, February 8, 2010

Dear Dr. Snowpanic, Neverending Storm Edition

Dear Dr. Snowpanic,

Can you please explain when we officially transition from panicking about the last storm and start panicking about the next one? What are the rules for the proper amount of post-storm panicking?

-- Wondering in Laurel

Dear WiL:

Having just returned from a harrowing two-mile drive, Dr. Snowpanic can say with a lot of authority that panic about the last storm is still appropriate. On the other hand, it's hard to avoid worrying about the 5-10" we have coming. (Or 10-20" based on completely unsubstantiated reports I've seen on Twitter and Facebook.) Think of your panic for the new storm as a layer that slowly settles on top of the panic you still have piled up from the last storm. Get used to the ability to handle more than one panic at once; it will help you in other facets of life.

Good luck!

-Dr. Snowpanic

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