Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Crafts and Activities, Episode 2

During the SnowPocalypse, we here at reminded you to stay at home and safe. During the current Snowmaggedon, we have additional fun if evanescent crafts for you to try.
1. Make ice cream using half-and-half, milk, any fruit or hot chocolate mixes, and snow. Lots and lots of snow.
2. Home alone? Need a date? Make a snowman or woman to keep you company in the long, winter nights. When the power goes out you can bring your date inside. Be sure to dress them if you create anatomically correct ones.
3. Using a spare drape or sheet, create a set of racing flags. Have your family and/or neighbors build their own snow-carts and have street racing on unplowed streets.
4. Play hide and seek with your kids! After bundling them up in layers and snowsuits, toss them into a snow drift, then call your husband or other kids find them while you go inside and enjoy the quiet. (If you have no kids, you may substitute pets.)
5. Prepare for the upcoming holidays by creating your own Valentines using presidents' portraits cut from your children’s schoolbooks.
6. Build a hot-air balloon using aluminum foil, a propane heating tank, plastic tarps, and a laundry basket. After setting it aloft, call the news and tell them you think your service animal was inside – or anything that might grab the newscasters’ attention from the snow.
7. Create macaroni pictures using pasta, matzo, flour-&-water paste, and food coloring. Be sure to use all edible ingredients and eat it later, because you won’t be able to get to the store for days.
8. Mix fireplace ash with the snow to create ethnic snow-people.
9. Make snow angels by playing chicken with the snowplows or tractor trailers.
10. Create your own crafts idea and submit it to

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