Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ask Dr. Snow Panic From Arizona

Dear Dr. Snowpanic,

I have been keeping a very close watch on the Snowpocalypse from my home in (sunny, warm) Arizona, because I am concerned for the welfare of relatives who live in the D.C area.  The Weather  Channel, however, only seems to have regular live coverage from Atlantic City and Philadelphia.  Is it so bad in your area that all the weather reporters may have called in sick? 

Concerned Relative

Dear Concerned Relative,

I will have to take your word for it, because The Weather Channel is one of the channels we no longer receive from the satellite.  I assume it will return in a week or so when the snow melts.  The local stations, however, have found no shortage of reporters to send out into the snow and ask people why they have ventured into the snow, then film them as they try to dig the cars out.

For The Weather Channel, however, I suspect the problem is similar to when you read a story about the dangerous Yemeni insurgency and then notice that the story is datelined Cairo.  Intrepid correspondents may have refused their orders to travel into the danger zone -- I do not know what sort of courtmartial provisions basic cable TV has.

Good luck!

-Dr. Snowpanic

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