Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Panic or No Panic?


One of the things that I feel separates the DC-area approach to snow from that of the Midwest or New England is the fact that, for us, snow storms are isolated events. The Midwesterner thinks, "More snow? I'll have to shovel it onto the existing pile." The Marylander thinks, "Snow? I remember that as being trouble."

Except now, snow fatigue is setting in. The snow we got last night was dumped on top of the snow we got last weekend, and the snow we get next weekend will go on top of that. Washington may be sick of snow, but it's no longer intimidated by the white stuff. When I went out to shovel the walk this morning, I thought, "This looks like 3 inches of snow. Piece of cake."

I blame this blase attitude for the lack of fodder for yours truly at If you see further incidents, send them in and I'll post them, but the attitude here seems to be, "Well, it's no Snowpocalypse."

PS Of course, none of this prevented our contractor from canceling on us this morning.

PPS The above picture was taken in Minnesota, June 1962. (Just kidding.)
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