Friday, February 5, 2010

No Food for You!

According to the Channel 4 News at Noon, the Whole Foods on P Street in DC closed its doors last night due to overcrowding. Individuals temporarily locked out of the store panicked on the sidewalk until the green grocer began allowing people in to shop in shifts. One shopper described another shopper at the scene as screaming into her cell phone that she "didn't have any food," and wondering what to do.

Whole Foods P Street also closed early, as planned, to hold its regularly scheduled staff meeting. Clearly they are not panicking.

Dr. Snowpanic, armed with a short list, went to Safeway last night for simple sandwich stuffs and easy edibles such as fruit and chips. Mrs. SnowPanic stayed home due to slight illness. Unfortunately, we just discovered we forgot a few things (sodas! kindling!), and so may briefly brave the crowds again today. Under no circumstances will we be leaving the house after SnowPocalypse, episode 2.1 gets thoroughly underway. Any minute now....

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