Friday, February 5, 2010

They're Making Fun of Us!

Keep in mind that an INCH is a big deal in our nation's capital, capable of instilling dread, closing schools - inciting a run on area grocery stores in a mad-mass panic. I'm really not exaggerating. There is nothing more baffling (and on some level, humorous) than being in D.C. before a snow "event". The locals just go nuts. Imagine how they're feeling tonight, doing everything but barricading the doors and retreating to their basements.

And I thought Midwesterners were supposed to be polite.


  1. crap. midwesterners are dull sometimes, but not more polite than anyone else.

  2. Maybe it's more specific to the "Minnesota Nice" phenomenon.

  3. I'm sorry, should that be "Minnesotan Ice"?

  4. Or MinneySoda Vice?

    I lived in M-SP area, and not only IS everyone nice; they celebrate winter. The BIG society event is the Winter Carnival, where they build a 3-story castle out of ice. There's many hard feelings if it's not cold enough to remain intact.